I contacted Counselling Dost after a particularly frustrating period of self-doubt and indecision in my life. I had never visited a counsellor before, so I was very nervous about what to expect from the session, myself, and the person in this helping role. However, I felt an immediate rapport with Alka, who allowed me to talk openly about my frustrations at a pace that felt comfortable to me. She was very skilled at helping me establish some context to these thought patterns, and allowed me to indicate when and where I was happy to start and continue themes each week.

Mridu Lakhotia

About a year ago, my life was dramatically impacted by an injury, career change, loss of my friend. I was faced with deep pain and personal crisis. Alkaji began counselling me and right away, things began to shift. Her style of support is empowering, insightful and progressive. As time passed, I began to heal my wounds and even more, I have become a richer and more secure person. These qualities came not only from the insight that Alkaji has provided, but also the skills she has taught me to settle myself from within. Today, I can confidently face the changing world with trust. I cant imagine that I would have found so much peace without her help.

Param Vijayvalgia

I have been able to calm the inner turmoil and find strength to keep moving forward in a very difficult time in my life. Counsellor Alka have helped me to learn that it is the negative and the positive experiences in life that shape the person that I am and that I don’t need to be afraid or ashamed of the negative. I am able to confront the negative self talk and work through to a place of strength. I really appreciate her ability to listen deeply and to help me control the whirlwind that has been going through my mind throughout this trying time in my life. It is truly a lifeline.

Aditi Tank

Simply put, Counselling Dost has helped me. Phone therapy option allowed me to receive counselling when I might not have otherwise. Therapist at Counselling Dost has a knack for knowing when to ask the right questions and an ability to uncover issues in a safe and comfortable way. I would recommend this platform to anyone who feels they need some support. I’m much more confident in myself and my abilities. I’ve definitely made moves away from codependency. I value myself, my thoughts, my wants, etc. much more. I am also seeing a decrease in my anxiety, largely due to the energy tools I learned from therapist.

Priyanshu Sharma

After my first session I found my nearly overwhelming inner turmoil reduced to a manageable level. Since then, I’ve found myself more able to say what I’m thinking, and I’m not self-censoring internally any more. For probably the first time ever, I feel like I’m growing as a person, and although it’s sometimes overwhelming and scary, I feel a sense of confidence and anticipation that makes it all worth it. Alka was very empathetic, professional and flexible regarding how we approached the critical emotions that lay underneath everything I was saying. In a short time I felt much better at identifying some of the broad themes that were causing me to feel trapped or unsure of my future decisions, with clear considerations for times when anxiety arose in-between sessions. Seeking counselling at the time that I did was the best thing I have done, and I can say, wholeheartedly, that I haven’t felt this clear and aligned to a recognisable version of a happier me for a very long time. I would recommend Counselling Dost to anyone who needs help.

Riddhima Malani