Who We Are

Sometimes life gets tough, relationships go sour, work gets stressful, loneliness creeps in or anxiety and depression take over. Counselling Dost is a platform developed to help people cope during stressful time. With the mission to help people rediscover happiness, this platform allows individuals to seek help over phone. We connect you to trained psychologists instantly so that you can explore difficult feelings and learn how to manage negative thoughts or emotions easily. Moving from confusion towards clarity is what motivates Counselling Dost to excel every single day. Our ultimate strife is to improve the mental health scenario of the country one step at a time.

Meet the Founder

Alka Karwa


Alka Karwa is the mind behind this platform. Counselling Dost is a result of her belief that happiness is a fundamental need of every individual. She strongly believes that small matters can turn into complicated negative thought patterns, if left unattended. She emphasizes on the idea that we cannot choose our circumstances, however, we can choose how we react to them. She therefore works with her clients very closely to understand their thought patterns, help them identify the irrational thoughts and develop skills to replace it with a positive thought and subsequently a positive action. Her task is to assist her clients navigate their emotions to achieve overall psychological wellness.

She works simultaneously in consulting, teaching, coaching and training. She is passionate and committed to the idea that health is a combination of physical, emotional and spiritual well being. As a Life Coach, she feels happy to make people reestablish their faith in their strengths and abilities. She works with various techniques and approaches in order to resolve difficult feelings of guilt, anger, resentment or worry. She assists her clients in dealing with tough situations and explore options in an effective and efficient way.