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Do I Need Counselling?

Understanding whether you need counselling or not is not always easy. We all go through certain periods of stress, anxiety, anger, depression, or other negative states. Counseling is for anyone who may be bothered by a short term, temporary tough phase or for anyone dealing with a chronic, long-standing challenge that’s taking a toll on them. Seeking help is not an admission of weakness, but a step of strength towards creating a better life.

Remember, you are not alone. We will listen. We will understand and together we will make things easier and efficient.

I have many Friends and family members to talk to

How is counselling from an expert different?


Friends often have their own opinions about our behavior and exhibit disapproval or disappointment in us. Your counsellor has no pre-conceived notions about you and will never say ‘Oh you always do that’.

Trained Professionals

At times, we face difficulties that the truest of friends do not have the knowledge or expertise to help us tackle. Counselors have years of training and advanced knowledge in human behaviour & relationship dynamics


Friends are sometimes too close to provide an objective opinion. Naturally they have their own views, needs and opinions, which will influence the interaction with you whether they are aware of it or not.


There are things we may be uncomfortable sharing with a friend. Therapy is a safe, supportive, empathic space to explore the aspects of self you may not be willing to explore within the context of any personal relationships.

Don’t wait to implement positive changes in your
life and overcome your personal challenges.

Why Us?


We provide Online Counselling That Truly Works.
This is not just a quick-fix to make you smile right now. You`ll get all the support and tools you need to feel better over the long term.


We’re here to help you get happier NOW!
90% of people who took counselling overwhelmingly report memorable experiences, improved mental health, less anxiety and a lasting impact.